What’s a Clowder? Not a Soup, But a Group of Cats

a group of cats relaxing outside

You learn about packs of wolves, murders of crows, and nests of ants. What is a group of felines called? No, it’s not a pride like lions, however rather a clowder of cats. And while this term may make you imagine a bowl of clam chowder, it actually shares origins with other words you understand.

Clowder Etymology: Why Is a Group of Cats Called a Clowder?
According to Teresa Keiger, self-proclaimed word geek and innovative director of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the word clowder is English. Its origins trace back to the word “clotern,” like other popular words such as “embolisms,” “mess” and “cluster.”.

” These words refer to bits of things coming together, lying around … hanging out,” Keiger states.

There are also references to a group of felines being called a “glaring,” but this distinction typically counts on the cats in concern having a mindset. “Glaring” is utilized when felines doubt of each other. Think about a high school reunion– lots of awkwardness there.

How Many Cats Make a Clowder?
Three or more felines make up a clowder, which makes sense. After all, three is a clowd– er, crowd. Jokes aside, this is primarily since the word “set” covers pretty much any group of two, and if a cat is by themselves, then they’re just … a cat.

Remember that a group of kitties is exempt to the same rules. You already know this word– a group of kitties is generally called a “litter.”.

Where Would You Find a Group of Cats?
Felines are typically singular creatures, however may group up if survival depends on it, Kieger says.

” Think of the 1500s when felines weren’t house family pets,” she says. “They lived around your home and barns, perhaps hanging out together in pursuit of food and queens huddled with their litters, similar in regard to the feral cat nests seen today.”.

Feral feline colonies are the most popular type of clowder. Often, felines will even lend an assisting hand, nursing kittycats that aren’t their own in order to keep them alive, according to Cats on Broadway Veterinary Hospital in Missoula, Mont

. If you are the owner of three or more felines, they can also form a clowder.

Other Words You May Hear for a Group of Cats.
Although clowder is unquestionably the most enjoyable to state, you may, in your deep dive into feline history, stumbled upon a couple of other words that mean the very same thing. Such as:.

Cluster of cats.
Clutter of felines.
Destruction of cats.
Dout of felines.
Problem of felines.
Strike of felines.
Kindle of kittens.
Just keep those in mind when you go out to your next trivia night.

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