6 Tips for Finding a Great Pet Sitter

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Your family pet enjoys to be around you, that’s an offered. In some cases you can’t be house with your furry friend (hey there: work and holiday). Family pet caretakers can be the best solution. They supply whatever from pet dog strolling services to at home doggy daycare to over night care, at your house or theirs.

” I find pet sitting to be the most hassle-free situation because your family pet gets to remain in a house and hang out with an animal lover all the time and possibly other dogs, if that’s the situation you select,” says Nicole Ellis, CBDT, and family pet lifestyle specialist with Rover. “Your cat or dog is getting love and attention and the animal sitter can follow your rules about things like sleeping on the bed or going on the sofa.”

Continue reading to discover how to find an animal caretaker who’s a perfect match for you and your pet!

Where to Look to Find a Pet Sitter Near You
The best way to find an amazing family pet caretaker for your canine or feline is by asking for recommendations from people you trust: friends, family, neighbors, or your animal’s groomer or veterinarian. You can also connect with next-door neighbors through sites like Nextdoor, which provide online neighborhoods where people share recommendations for local companies.

A much easier, faster way to find expert animal sitters near you is to visit pet-sitter sites like Rover. There you can see profiles of animal caretakers in your area together with just how much they charge, services they provide, and client evaluations.

6 Things to Consider When Looking for a Pet Sitter
Taking time to figure out what’s essential to you in a family pet caretaker will help you find the right one for you and your pet. Here are some things to think about as you examine your pet-sitting choices:

1. Specialized
Sitters might specialize in certain types of family pets. If it doesn’t state it on their online profiles, ask what types of animals the sitter has experience with.

2. Location
A key factor in picking someone is whether you want the caretaker to come to your home or if you’re prepared to take your family pet to theirs. If you have numerous family pets that need care, it’s frequently most convenient to have an animal sitter stay in your home. Otherwise, it’s a matter of personal choice.

” Having somebody come and stay in your house keeps your canine on his routine and can be less difficult,” Ellis notes. “Then again, some pups like playing with other pets and might really take pleasure in hanging out in another home where there’s a pack to socialize with.”

3. Area
If you’re dropping your canine off at the animal sitter’s house, select one that has a comparable setup to yours. For instance, if your pet dog is used to having a backyard to run in, then select an animal sitter who has a fenced backyard. If your canine lives in an apartment, dropping your puppy off at another home is no huge offer.

4. Medical Needs
Does your animal have medical requirements? If so, look for pet caretakers who are veterinarians, veterinary technicians, or who have pet first aid training. You want the individual who views your cat or pet to have experience providing the level of care your animal requires, such as offering pills or administering injections.

5. Solutions
If it takes a while for your pooch to heat up to brand-new individuals, choose an animal sitter who uses dog-walking services along with overnight guidance. You can have the family pet caretaker come over a couple of times for a walk and playtime. That method, your pup will recognize with the sitter by the time you leave for vacation.

6. Interaction
Some animal caretakers enjoy to provide photos and video updates of your family pet while you’re away. If that’s crucial to you, ask family pet caretakers if they regularly do this. “That interaction gives you comfort so you can enjoy your holiday more, understanding your pet is likewise having a good time,” Ellis says.

Concerns to Ask Potential Pet Sitters
After you collect recommendations, schedule meetings with a few family pet sitters. Have your family pet nearby so you can see how they connect and consider asking these concerns:

1. Where will my family pet be sleeping? If you’re taking your pet dog or feline to the family pet caretaker’s house, this is necessary to understand. You desire the rules to be the same as they remain in your home.

Will there be other animals? You don’t want your pet to be overwhelmed or accidentally injured by a much larger pooch.

3. Where and when will my pet dog be fed? Speak about your pup’s routine and how you can keep that similar to what your canine is utilized to.

4. Will kids be around my canine at any time? This is particularly crucial to understand if your pet gets stressed out around kids.

If you’re house many of the day, you want an animal sitter who also stays house. If your family pet is utilized to you being away for part of the day, then a pet sitter who goes to work or school for a portion of the day won’t be a problem.

What occurs if there’s an emergency with my pet? It’s best to discover out in advance what would take place in the worst-case situation. State your family pet gets injured or ends up being ill– what will the pet sitter do?

7. Do you have referrals? A skilled pet caretaker must offer referrals upon demand, states the American Kennel Club. Be sure to call those individuals to make certain the animal sitter is trustworthy.

How Much to Pay a Pet Sitter for Your Dog or Cat
Like numerous services, the charge differs depending on where you live, says Ellis. “Big cities are generally more expensive than smaller sized residential areas. With that said, the average rate for over night sitting is around $35 a night and pet walking averages around $20 per walk.”

You might pay more for family pet sitting over vacations, when there’s more need for the service. Pups can likewise make family pet sitting charges greater, considering that those charming furballs need more potty breaks throughout the day and night.

Just keep in mind, the best method to find an animal sitter is to be fully transparent about your requirements and expectations, Ellis says. “Communicate what you’re trying to find and by the end, you’ll feel excellent knowing you’ve left your animal in capable, caring hands.”

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