Posing With a Cat on Your Dating App Profile Might Hurt, Not Help

portrait of man with cat

Living in our socially remote, possibly lonely existence, single individuals across the globe wish to stand out on their chosen dating app. And what much better method to do that than by positioning with your family pet?

Well, that may not be the very best concept for everyone. A study released this summer suggests that males who present with cats in their dating app profile photos might have a harder time finding female friendship.

Profs. Lori Kogan (Colorado State University) and Shelly Volsche (Boise State University) recruited more than 1,300 heterosexual women in between the ages of 18 and 24 to take a simple online study. In the study, they were revealed 2 images of a white guy in his early 20s. He holds a cat in one image and is alone in the other. (The scientists used 2 designs, but the ladies were only revealed two photos of one male.).

For the very first male envisioned with a feline, more than one third of the ladies surveyed stated they would either never consider or most likely wouldn’t date him casually or long-term. The second person’s picture with a cat fared worse: More than 40 percent of the ladies stated they would not or likely would not date him.

On average, women were more open to the photos without the felines. It needs to be noted that man No. 2 had a higher “absolutely” casually date number for his cat photo.

Scientists discovered that the ladies also viewed the males in the cat pictures as less masculine, less extroverted, and more unstable. They likewise thought the cat photos indicated the guys were more open and reasonable, so that’s great? The research study suggested that at least some of the women who ID as “cat people” discovered the feline photos more attractive.

Kogan and Volshe compose that ladies “often” look for more masculine men to date, so the existence of cats– which they state are considered womanly animals– may be enough to steer women in other places. They also question if thinking of the male feline owners as more introverted and neurotic might send them into women’s buddy zones– which, we ought to say, is great! Everyone needs pals.

Limitations of the Study.
Don’t lose hope, Cat Dudes. The authors did acknowledge some restrictions in the research study. Just girls reacted, for example, and most of them were white. The guys imagined are white or look white, too, so the authors “can not be certain that our findings generalize to other racial or ethnic classifications.”.

More than 40 percent of both groups of ladies who evaluated the photos said they were dog people and predictably were less most likely to find the cat photos appealing. (A casual poll of female Daily Paws staff and good friends confirms this.) And no offense to the 2 men envisioned– I’m sure you’re both excellent– but it’s safe to presume that any other two men are going to get different actions.

Maybe most importantly, pets are hardly the most crucial thing when you’re looking for a mate, whether for a committed relationship or what the authors hilariously call “a casual, short-term encounter.”.

A Note to the Cat Dads.
After reading this, some feline people may be seeking to alter their dating app technique. Well, here’s what you ought to alter: NOT A DARN THING.

Fellas, you and your felines are a package. If she will not accept your furry buddy, she can strike the dang bricks. If she sees your feline and swipes left, you didn’t desire her anyhow!

The study shows that there are feline ladies out there, a Duchess to your Thomas O’Malley, so try to find them. Heck, there’s even a new dating app, Tabby, just for feline individuals.

Visit to that bad kid, be your typical, amusing, wise, and good-looking self, and quickly you’ll be drowning in dates.

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