Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hiring the Right Dog Walker for Your BFF

woman walking dog

Enter: Dog walkers. You can work with a canine walker to walk your pet, play bring, and fill up your puppy’s water bowl.

” Having a canine walker stop by offers your pet dog a good break, specifically if your pooch is crated,” states Nicole Ellis, CBDT, and pet way of life professional with Rover. “Your puppy can run around, get out some energy, have a good time, and after that go rest.”

Here are a few of the in’s and out’s of employing dog walkers, from how much they charge to how to find one you can trust with your furry friend.

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?
How much walking is great for your pet depends on your puppy’s size, type, and age. A 15-minute walk might be excellent for a senior canine or a little puppy while a young, full-grown goldendoodle might utilize 45 minutes to an hour.

” In general, aim for a day-to-day walk that’s in between 30 minutes to an hour,” Ellis suggests. “But you understand your pet dog best, so change accordingly. Be sure to take into account the temperature level. Have the walk be shorter on actually hot days.”

You may still want to hire a dog walker even if your pooch does not need a long jaunt around the community. It’s a fantastic method to offer puppies and senior pets additional potty breaks. And, it assists separate your puppy’s day offering mental stimulation (and tummy rubs!).

Where to Find Dog Walking Services
It’s constantly great to get referrals for pet walkers from relied on sources like friends, family, or your pup’s veterinarian or groomer. You can also find canine walkers near you through sites such as Rover, Wag!

Pet Walking Prices
Prices vary from 50 cents to $1 per minute of dog walking. So fees can be anywhere in between $10 to $60. The typical rate is $20 per walk. Factors that affect rates include your location, the pet dog walker’s experience, and extra services you ask for such as administering medication.

How to Choose a Dog Walker Compatible With Your Pup
Your pet implies the world to you so you desire a pet walker who will take care of your four-legged puppy just like you do. The time you buy interviewing pet dog walkers now will provide peace-of-mind later on, when you know your canine is getting love and attention while you’re far from house.

” First and primary, a canine walker need to be a dog fan,” states Ellis. They must know how to deal with pet dogs with various temperaments– like those that pull aggressively on the leash or lunge at other pet dogs.

As soon as you’ve narrowed it down to a few candidates, schedule a meet and welcome with them. Have your pet with you and observe how each pet dog walker interacts with your pooch. Make sure to ask concerns to much better understand how the possible walker handles situations related to your animal’s requirements, Ellis recommends. Concerns might consist of:

Do you have animal emergency treatment and CPR training?
Do you have experience with elderly pets, pups, or big breeds?
Can you administer medication?
How do you manage pets with separation stress and anxiety?
As soon as you find an excellent fit, you can schedule for how long the walk will be, on which days of the week, and at what time your brand-new canine walker will take your pup out. Consider it a perk if your pet dog walker likewise offers pet-sitting services. You never understand when you’ll need those too if you like to travel. The greatest benefit of all is coming home to a dog that’s pleased and relaxed every day.

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