How Much Should You Pay Your Dog Sitter?

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Dog boarding kennels provide overnight pet sitting. Lots of pet moms and dads choose to have a pet caretaker come to their home or go to a pet caretaker’s home where pups buddy around in a pack all day.

It’s a matter of choice and frequently expense. Keep reading to learn what aspects influence dog-sitting rates and why some pet dog caretakers might be more pricey than others.

Pet Dog Sitting Costs
The typical rate for canine sitting is $35 a night, states Nicole Ellis, CBDT, and family pet way of life expert with Rover. There are various factors that impact the expense of pet sitting.

Another factor to consider that may contribute is where your pet dog will be: the sitter’s house or yours. Dog sitting in your house is great considering that it doesn’t break up your pet dog’s routine, however it’s typically more expensive. If you have several pups in the house, intend on paying more too. Have a pup? The extra attention and potty breaks may cost you.

Expect to see dog-sitting charges skyrocket around the vacations as well, says Ellis. This is when pet sitters are in high demand and scheduling one then might come at a premium.

Why Are Some Dog Sitters More Expensive?
Like other services, the costs for pet sitting can range in cost. A canine caretaker on the greater end might have more experience or credentials, like being a certified professional pet trainer or licensed veterinary specialist.

Amenities can bump up the cost, too. A big, fenced-in backyard for your pooch to zoom around in or private dog sitting, when the family pet sitter is taking care of your pup only, may cost more. Lots of pet sitters offer additional services also like taking your pooch for strolls and sending you routine photo or video updates that let you understand your puppy is succeeding.

” There are a great deal of reasons someone may pay more for one animal sitter over another,” Ellis states. “But remember that at-home sitter rates are still typically less than a kennel or veterinarian and your canine is in a genuine home getting attention all day.”

Discovering a pet dog sitter you trust is valuable, especially when it comes to peace of mind while you’re away. All set to begin your search? Get ideas on choosing the best pet caretaker for you and your puppy.

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