Get to Know the Winners of Amazon’s ‘The Pack’ Season 1

Mark LeBlanc and his border collie, Ace, in Costa Rica

The current unscripted Amazon initial series, hosted by Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her Cavalier King Charles spaniel Lucy, The Pack takes 12 contestants and their canine companions across the world where they complete in various obstacles that test their determination, focus, and the strength of their bond. The winner takes house a $500,000 reward, in addition to a $250,000 donation to the charity of his or her choice.

We talked to the winners of this season to capture up on where they are now that they’ve taken house the gold.

Mark LeBlanc and Ace the Border Collie Won ‘The Pack’ Season 1
After a slew of difficulties in nine various nations, Ace and Mark became top canines.

Together for the past years, it’s not unexpected that such a strong duo took the reward. The experience of a lifetime took this bonded set’s love for each other to another level.

” Without a doubt, this experience altered my relationship with Ace permanently. “Spending all that time contending in challenges together forced us to listen to each other even more, trust each other more, and now I know what he requires more than ever and I’ve had him for 10 years.

Border collies like Ace are intelligent, full of energy, and have a strong desire to herd anything and everything around them. These pet dogs love playing and exercise, are quick to discover, and are typically among the most trainable pet dogs on the planet.

While it might look like Mark and Ace are truly great at everything they set their mind to, the two strove to train ahead of filming in order to come out on top.

Prior to the start of shooting (which took place pre-pandemic), Mark and Ace took to the mountains of Utah where they live and play, reinforcing themselves and their bond by completing routine 8-10 mile trail runs, scent work, Treibball training (also referred to as “push ball”), and adjusting Ace to the different gear that helped him carry out during difficulties, consisting of protective booties and safety glasses.

Throughout the numerous challenges on the show, all of those skills and endurance were tested to the limits. It’s the pair’s inherent sense of adventure and capability to flourish throughout new experiences together that really assisted them succeed. That strength was on full display throughout the program, even when diversions like loud spectators threatened to derail the dog throughout obstacles.

” Italy was a truly wedding because of how well Ace carried out in such a way that plainly none of the other pets could,” LeBlanc says. “People everywhere in Florence were yelling and he was just locked in and I kept awaiting him to shut down and he never ever did. I practically wrecked after the competitors was over just because I was so happy with him.”

The end of the race happened to be in Utah, which may have been an indication that these 2 were bound to have a home-court benefit. The final obstacle put the smaller-sized Ace up versus a 60-pound and 80-pound pet (border collies are normally closer to 30-55 pounds) pulling dinosaur bones up a mountain. And if that does not sound hard, they likewise had to use their birch oil scent training from throughout the series to discover them. It was Ace’s unbelievable capability to focus on the task at hand and the will to make Mark proud that pressed these buddies to the top of that mountain, and to the gold medal.

When Mark and Ace were crowned champs of The Pack, they had the chance to choose a charity to get a $250,000 money contribution. Mark chose Best Friends Animal Society, a not-for-profit organization likewise based out of Utah that promotes family pet adoption, no-kill animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices. Best Friends’ goal is to see a no-kill nation by 2025, which is a goal Mark is super enthusiastic about.

” Their mission to end the euthanizing of animals is truly near and dear to my heart,” LeBlanc states. “I feel pretty highly that in 2020, society as a whole is much better than killing animals that are just ‘in the method’.

What Are They Up To Now?
After winning The Pack, Mark and Ace aren’t decreasing anytime soon. They’re still pursuing fun, athletic ventures, pursuing Mark’s objectives of being able to climb up Denali in Alaska and take photography tasks in the Himalayas. The duo regularly experience with the rest of their family as well, including Mark’s spouse Elizabeth and Ace’s sibling Charlie, a roaming puppy that the couple found on the street and rescued with open arms.

The most important advantage of taking part in the program apart from having the ability to make an influence on shelter animals everywhere, is that now Mark has a bag loaded with techniques (and treats) to make Ace a pleased pet and maintain the strength of their bond for the rest of their lives together. “We’re enjoying life in Utah right now and we live a pretty remarkable life on a daily basis,” states LeBlanc. (If their posts on Instagram are any indicator, we would need to agree.).

LeBlanc likewise just recently introduced a brand-new podcast called Chasing Aces, where he has discussions with expert athletes and community-oriented leaders who are at the peak of success. He interviews them about their motivation and what drives their joy in order to inspire others.

” Since the program came out, I get messages on social media about people getting closer to their pets, traveling more, and defining happiness in a manner society doesn’t usually define happiness,” states LeBlanc. “Seeing that individuals are inspired by me is really humbling.”.

Listen to Chasing Aces on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Who Were the Runners’ Up?
While every dog on The Pack is a winner in our hearts, in second place was the blue mohawk-clad duo Derby the goldendoodle and his partner Kioni “Kentucky” Russell Gallahue, followed by Jax the 3-year-old golden retriever and his pet dog mama Vania Zuniga in third in the heart-pounding ending.

Will There Be a ‘The Pack’ Season 2?
While we do not know anything yet in terms of a season 2, all 10 episodes of The Pack season 1 are now readily available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

In the meantime, get to know all the show’s season 1 candidates and their remarkable pups.

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