This Senior Dog Dodged Animal Control for 5 Hours Before Reuniting with Her Family

Senior westie in the sun

San Francisco pet dog Nieve had an action-packed, drama-filled month that most of us only see in the motion pictures. The lost white terrier evaded animal control for upwards of five hours before an ultimate wholehearted reunion with her family.

All of it started when Carlos, who lives in Vallejo north of San Francisco, discovered his family’s canine was missing. He was concerned Nieve had either got away or been stolen while he was away operating in Mission Bay, KPIX reports. He rapidly prepared lost dog posts on social media in hopes somebody would find the missing out on puppy.

And Nieve was spotted alright. But she wouldn’t be caught easily.

The regional animal control unit got a get in touch with July 7 about a white pet spotted near some train tracks, according to Deb Campbell, a spokeswoman for San Francisco Animal Care & Control who spoke with KPIX. What began as a basic mission quickly turned into a lengthy chase. Little Nieve averted Capt. Amy Corso, Lt. Ellie Sadler, Officer Rebecca Fenson, and Officer Shane Jolley for over five hours in a video game of cat and mouse (or rather police and pup).

The chase was specifically remarkable offered Nieve’s senior status as an 8-year-old canine. Speak about stamina.

The group ultimately cornered her behind a parked vehicle and took her to the city animal shelter. From there, Naive was moved to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue next door. It existed that Alice Ensor, an adoption counselor at Muttville, believed the lost white pet dog looked a little bit familiar.

Ensor had seen the missing out on pet dog posts Carlos had actually posted simply a day before, suggesting the timeline checked out for the white canine to be the household’s precious Nieve, according to Patty Santon of Muttville.

“It’s remarkable somebody didn’t take her home or she didn’t get hit by an automobile however many people have a good heart and someone need to have said ‘Let’s call the shelter,'” Stanton told KPIX.

On Friday, Nieve’s outrageous adventure concerned a wholesome end when she was reunited with Carlos and his son. Carlos had tears in his eyes as he held his sweet canine and repeated “thank you, thank you,” producing a paws-itively happy ending.

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