Meet Hunter Finn, DVM: The Vet Whose Advice Is Going Viral on TikTok

Dr. Hunter Finn with golden retriever in front of pond, whose advice is going viral on TikTok

His technique to getting in touch with pet owners might look a little various than many veterinarians– he’s not one to shy away from a silly dance or donning a cowboy hat– however Hunter Finn, DVM is mastering an unanticipated new platform from which to offer pet health suggestions: TikTok.

His popular videos covering topics like “3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy” and “7 Reasons Dogs Bark” have views in the hundreds of thousands. It’s his on-trend approach to animal care that makes Finn one of our preferred vets, and we love the way he makes it enjoyable and easy for animal parents to become educated animal owners through share-worthy material. We linked with Finn to discover out what makes him … tick (pun intended).

Dr. Finn’s New Approach to Veterinary Care
Finn, 29, joined TikTok after a YouTuber good friend informed him about the app. TikTok offered a brand-new way to share guidance and enjoyable videos with pet owners outside of the people and animals who he interacts with as patients.

” I began posting a few of the responses I provide my real clients and I didn’t recognize how many people had these very same questions and didn’t have anyone to get the answer from,” he says.

It’s not simply recommendations that he shares with fans. Finn also posts easy going content related to animals. “I like to make jokes about things that take place in my daily life, particularly in a health center setting or things that veterinary experts can relate to,” he states. Finn has actually posted amusing videos about sharing medical diagnoses with clients and having pups in for their first go to.

” It’s an excellent outlet for me after work,” Finn states.

Finn says a video he published in May– discussing 5 poisonous things your pet shouldn’t eat– was his very first main viral post. “I got up and it had 3 million views,” he says. “I had actually never seen notices like that.”

The ability to reach many individuals is one of a number of things Finn appreciates about sharing material on the social media app. “I can reach more individuals with one TikTok post than I potentially could on my busiest day of work,” he says.

Navigating His Newfound Fame
Due to the fact that of Finn’s big social media following (he has over 2.1 million fans on TikTok and 465 thousand followers on Instagram), many of his fans now want him as their veterinarian. While Finn is very appreciative of this action, there are just a lot of hours in the day for him to see clients face to face, and sadly, he simply can’t get to all the demands.

“I do the very best that I can and I think I do a great task, however a great deal of these people originate from doctors that have actually done fantastic work however simply may not present it in the most fun method,” he states.

Finn has actually found that individuals take pleasure in and understand pet material more when it’s provided as entertainment. There are many other vets on TikTok, few of them are ready to attempt out the TikTok dance patterns or be a little silly like Finn does in some of his videos. “I think people like to see other individuals who are seen as very expert getting beyond their comfort zone,” he says.

What’s Next for Dr. Finn?
Our preferred TikTok superstar states he’s most excited about creating preventative healthcare material. He routinely posts videos about things that cause certain diseases in family pets, like pancreatitis and diabetes. “If I can avoid just one family pet from going through that, then the whole TikTok is worth it,” he states.

Finn’s own family pets– canines Asher, Sadie, and Rugby– also regularly star in his TikTok videos. Asher is a 5-year-old combined type who took his heart when he became part of his fur household. “I understand you’re not supposed to have favorites, but he’s absolutely my selected one,” Finn says. Finn took in Sadie, a roughly 12-year-old black Labrador retriever, and Rugby, a 3-year-old Maltipoo, after relatives passed away.

Finn says he plans to continue doing whatever assists him do the most excellent (as both a family doctor and a material creator). “I am still young, however I’m taking what I understand and trying to reach as many people and animals as I can with it,” he states.

We can’t wait to see what other practical tips for family pet moms and dads he shares next!

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