Have You Met Hazel and Rio, the Adorable Baby-Dog Duo From TikTok?

baby hazel whispering to rio

If you’re aiming to add an additional dosage of cuteness to your daily scroll through TikTok, look no further: 17-month-old Hazel and her Siberian husky sidekick Rio are about to become your latest Web fascination.

The duo’s increase to TikTok popularity came from when mom Jen Koll downloaded the app during the pandemic (like pretty much everyone, TBH) and chose to begin posting quick clips of her daughter’s daily life to the app for enjoyable. Those posts were certainly charming, Koll tells Daily Paws it wasn’t till she submitted a sweet TikTok video detailing the loss of the family’s former husky, Izzy, and the process of bringing home their brand-new puppy Rio that their account truly began to get discovered.

” I just did a short clip on Izzy passing and bringing Rio house, and it removed like crazy,” Koll states. “I didn’t even have followers at the time.”

That fact has certainly altered as the duo– which you can discover under the name @hazelandrio on TikTok– now has more than 108,000 followers and has actually built up over 4 million likes throughout all of their valuable videos.

Every pet dog is different and it’s crucial to never leave a kid and a pet together unattended, Koll states 9-month-old Rio’s calm personality makes her the best match for little Hazel.

” I have never ever had a young puppy who might differentiate when to cut off that puppy energy when around a child,” Koll states. “Rio will go romp around with other animals and have that energetic puppy minute and after that she’ll come by to Hazel and still have that energy, however it’s a gentler technique. They truly are just glued to each other.”

The account information Hazel and 9-month-old Rio handling the world together while browsing whatever from insane cars and truck trips to cuddles prior to bedtime, and naturally the duo’s favorite activity: snack time.

” We constantly joke treat time is their preferred time due to the fact that Rio understands that there’s going to be food left on the ground that she can simply scoop right up,” Koll says.

Above all, Koll states her favorite part of sharing Hazel and Rio on TikTok is all of the assistance they’ve gotten from their lots of fans.

” It was really cool to see individuals stating ‘these made my day,'” Koll states. “Just understanding that someone really is feeling love through these two makes us feel good. We can share a bit of our home life and make somebody else delighted.”

What can you anticipate to see from Hazel and Rio going forward? Koll states, days at the lake, long walks, and the arrival of a new child sibling this October. We can’t wait to see this darling duo become a trio!

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