Do You Know How to Hold a Cat Properly? This TikTok Video Breaks It Down

woman showing how to hold a cat holding her fluffy orange cat while sitting on a bed

Felines can be exceptionally foreign to some individuals. If you’re allergic or simply consider yourself a pet dog person, you may find yourself at a loss for how to hold a cat. However even if you’re a licensed feline fan, chances are you’ll find out something beneficial from this viral TikTok about all the methods to cradle a kitty.

” The secret to bring a cat is to make sure the cat is comfortable and well supported so their body isn’t dangling,” Scott Person, co-founder of the Cattery and president of its board, says to the camera. The Cattery is a cage-free shelter based in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Its golden guideline for properly holding a feline? Person explains that you should never ever leave a cat’s behind hanging since it’s uncomfortable.

He acknowledges every feline is different and might have differing choices before demonstrating multiple examples: nestling them on their backs like children; nuzzling them versus your chin; and even a “football hold” with the cat tucked under your arm with the backside supported in the criminal of your elbow.

Despite the variety, each position has the exact same thing in typical: “Notice I’m still supporting their behind,” Person says.

The viral video posted Aug. 1 has over 8.1 million views and has actually because acquired 1.6 million likes and counting, but it’s not the Cattery’s only popular video. They publish regularly on TikTok for almost 440,000 followers.

Supporting cats’ butts is a common theme throughout the Cattery’s videos, consisting of in posts about cutting your cat’s nails and even understanding your feline loves you.

You can take a look at The Cattery’s TikTok page here, where they host live details sessions every Tuesday at 7 p.m. main time.

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