8 Orange Cat Breeds for Anyone Who Loves a Redhead

orange Abyssinian cat close up

If you’re searching for the ideal ginger feline to take home, rest assured– there are a lot of orange feline types to select from, all with their own distinct character and qualities. When it pertains to orange felines and kittycats, you can discover both longhaired and short haired choices that appear in a number of shades and patterns of orange, starting with the traditional Garfield-esque orange tabby feline, to the exotic appearance of the warm-toned Bengal. Whether you’re in search of a cute little Munchkin, or a longhaired orange feline that looks more like a mini lion– with a little research, we’re sure you’ll find the best feline pal that fits your character!

orange Abyssinian cat close up

Abyssinian cats have a short-hair coat and an overall stylish, elegant look. Professionals believe they originated from Egypt or Ethiopia– but nowadays, they’re a common, low upkeep, however extremely social orange feline breed.

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American Bobtail
orange american bobtail feline

Like their name recommends, American Bobtail Cats are known for their bobbed tails and longer hair. They can be playful, energetic cats, and can form strong bonds with individuals. Orange cat type fans can discover the American Bobtail in numerous shades of ginger, while they can be found in white, black, blue, and fawn colors too.

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orange bengal cat

Originating from a hybrid between domestic cats and the Asian leopard, Bengals have gorgeous, leopard-like areas of different colors– often with an orange tint as the base. Bengal kitties are gorgeous, but owners pay a high price tag for these jungle lookalikes (upwards of a number of thousand dollars, depending on the breeder). They tend to be really active and lively, so a big space for them to explore is a must.

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British Shorthair
orange british shorthair with green eyes

British Shorthair felines are understood for their round faces and fluffy, thick coats that make them very popular. They are found in blue, white, black, cream, and orange tabby colors.

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Maine Coon
orange maine coon cat

Maine Coon cats are the largest domestic feline type there is (even holding the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Cat), and they’re known for their long, heavy fur and full, bushy tails. A popular sentiment amongst Maine Coon cat owners is that these gentle giants have the personality of a lap dog– they’ve even been stated to wag their tails! Many Maine Coons are a brown or orange tabby color, however other color patterns have actually been found, also.

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orange munchkin feline on blue background

These tiny cats are known for their short legs and cute, furry appearance. In spite of their brief stature, they’re active cats who delight in running around and playing simply as much as their longer-legged feline good friends.

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orange persian feline

These long-haired cats are understood for having a round face and a brief muzzle. They’re typically friendly, and delight in sunbathing throughout the day. Male Persian cats can weigh 12 pounds or more, while females normally weigh in between 8 and 12 pounds– and they can be found in many colors, consisting of white, black, and various tones of orange and ginger.

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Turkish Angora
orange turkish angora cat

This medium and large cat type was domesticated as early as the 17th century in the Ankara region or Turkey. Turkish Angora felines are playful, caring, and faithful cats with a storied spot in history: they were provided as gifts to European royalty by Turkish sultans centuries earlier!

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