New to Dog Parenting? Here are 14 of the Best Dogs for First-time Owners

Reddish blonde maltipoo puppy stands sideways on table outdoors

Maybe you grew up with a brother or sister who was allergic to dogs or your parents had über demanding jobs. Whatever the factor, this is your first time seriously considering canine ownership.

The concept of picking your very first pooch may be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. We’re on your side to assist you discover the very best and furriest fit for your family. Keep checking out to discover our suggestions for the very best pets for first time owners.

Considerations for First-time Dog Owners
We will not sugarcoat this– getting a pet dog is a huge responsibility. Canines are family members and need great deals of attention. It’s important to ensure you’re ready.

When it comes to discovering the best puppy for you, remember that every pet dog has their peculiarities and potential medical missteps. Prior to picking your brand-new friend, do some research study and consider these factors so you can make the most sound option for both you and the canine.

Breed: If you do not have time to provide your dog a minimum of an hour of exercise every day, avoid the high-energy breeds initially reproduced to work (German shepherd, Australian shepherd, etc) in favor of a type that does not have the high exercise needs, like a Havanese or shih tzu.
Purebred: If you decide to go the path of getting a purebred canine, know that you could have more danger for health problems. “All purebred canines can have concerns,” Deborah Thomson, DVM in Virginia says.
Mixed-breed dogs: Mixed-breed pets, whether that’s from a shelter or a designer hybrid pup, tend to be healthier since they have more than one genetic line. If you are getting your pet from a shelter, bear in mind that these dogs can have some behavioral issues and may need more training and require a larger dedication for you. Prior to you adopt a canine, constantly ask the shelter for as much info on the dog as possible and what kind of home they think is best for the pup.
Young puppy mills: In your search for the perfect pooch, look out for pup mills, business centers that breed canines simply to sell them, without regard for the pets’ health.
Regardless of what pet you get or where you get your pup from, all new family pet owners need to invest in pet insurance coverage to alleviate vet costs.

” I do recommend pet insurance coverage,” Thomson says. “Full-on animal insurance for the first year. And after that after, you understand what they can and can not enter and what their personalities resemble in the second year. In the second year, then you can decide on just how much insurance coverage you wish to keep.”

With all of that in mind, eventually, it’s up to you where you find your brand-new furry buddy. Regardless of what life phase you’re in, we have actually customized recommendations for you.

Best Dog Breeds for First-time Owners in Apartments
Possibilities are, you’re a young person who’s still living the rental life and are wanting a companion that will not feel too cramped by your living conditions. Here are some usually good-tempered dogs for home dwellers.


Maltipoos max out at 20 pounds, making them best for living in an apartment or condo. Bonus offer: their curly coats are nearly hypoallergenic, indicating you won’t need to vacuum up dog hair every other day.


The teeny tiny papillon stands not even a foot off the ground however that does not mean she isn’t all set to go on a long walk over your lunch hour. For grooming, make sure to give her teeth a good brushing every week and to bathe her every couple of months, and she’ll be squeaky clean once again.

Shih Tzu

Shih tzus are one of the most ancient dog types on this list and no wonder they’ve lasted this long: they can live to 18 years old. Shih tzus are really sweet dogs and enjoy your attention; just make sure to socialize them as a puppy so they’re used to the hubbub of city living and don’t bark at your unit’s next-door neighbors.

Best Dog Breeds for Outdoorsy First-time Owners
Required a hiking buddy? These pet dogs can keep up with you on trips through the woods or while you attempt to PR on your 5K time.

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